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Virtual Care is of Great Value to the Health Plan Members, says Marie Renzi

Virtual Care became engaging for the health plan member in New York City during the pandemic. New York City was one of the first places in the U.S which were severely impacted by the coronavirus. Healthcare systems in all the places had halted. However, it led to spin-up telehealth options, especially for those people who struggled to access healthcare.

Telehealth ensured safe access to services. The MetroPlus Health Plan teamed with Amwell to give healthcare access to individuals through Virtual services.The MetroPlus Health Plan is a health care service provider that offers low-cost to no-cost healthcare to individuals residing in New York City.

The director of Health Plan, Marie Renzi, while addressing the media said, She is inspired by is that the Virtual service provides access to health care in an easy, safe, and convenient way. The crisis has made the efficacy of telehealth clear, she added. She said that the pandemic was unfortunate, but it is awesome that they were to help the people.   She pointed out that the federal government relaxed the telehealth-related regulations, which plays a vital role in expanding telehealth.

Telehealth can now be provided with improved care. She made it clear that the telehealth scenario may not remain the same, unlike during the pandemic, which was at its peak. However, the changing system doesn’t mean that telehealth won’t be helpful for many people, she pointed out. She said Virtual options might be easy for many people who do not have access to primary care providers.

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