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Validic Introduces Health Bridge Express Technology

Validic, a technology provider based in Durham, North Carolina, announced on Tuesday, July 13, its launch of Health Bridge™ Express, with the addition of device logistics capabilities a new component to the firm’s suite consisting of remote patient monitoring (RPM) offerings.

The newly added feature attributes a seamless and smooth onboarding experience for virtual care programs. This will be achieved by delivering pre-provisioned devices along with tablets to the member’s homes.At present, 60% of the United States population is reported to have at least one chronic condition, which is anticipated to rise shortly. With that in mind, assisting the patients and providers manages the ongoing surge, improved efficient healthcare programs are needed.

A recent review released in the BMJ Open strengthened continuous care models for enhanced management of chronic conditions. The published review identified remote patient monitoring programs to have caused a significant decline in acute care needs, including hospitalizations, length of stay, and emergency department utilization.

With the help of Health Bridge Express, every other component that is a pre-requisite for a patient to participate in their respective condition management program will be delivered at their home, ready to use out of the box. The customized kits consist of the cellular-enabled tablet and pre-connected home-utility medical devices more accessible for the patients to use without a Wi-Fi connection or account setup or even Bluetooth pairing. All the members need to do after receiving their kits is to put their security pins.

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