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US Researchers Upgrading White Cane with Robotics

White Cane is a device used by blind people to navigate through the world, is now being modernized with Robotics named “robo-cane”. The robo-cane equipped with Robotics has a 3D color camera, sensors, and an onboard computer designed to guide the user to navigate his or her path and avoid obstacles in the way.

Despite the new integrations, there are still many real-time issues that researchers are trying to address and integrate into Robo cane. Making the device light-weight, user-friendly, and detailed technical analysis are some key areas the researchers are working upon.Post undergoing various efficiency tests, the Robo cane will be introduced to blind people. Researchers say the users will accept the device if it successfully addresses the challenges faced in the currently used white cane.

Researchers say, using the device would allow visually impaired people to navigate large and unfamiliar places easily and confidently, making outdoor navigation possible for such people.The latest Robo cane version under development seeks to address some shortcomings. The most critical action the visually impaired are unable to perform accurately is turning. And to address the same features like doorways, stairs and obstacles are incorporated in Robotics cane.

In addition to these features, the Robo cane can also determine the distance of the obstacle. Thus researchers believe robo cane will help them navigate better and safely.Researchers are working on addressing many such challenges associated with the white cane and assist efficiently the visually impaired.

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