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US Record Highest Yearly Death Rates Ever Due to High Dose of Drugs

According to data released by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention board the death rate due overdose of Drugs have increased drastically in the annual report. The report shows that the overdose deaths rose 28.5% in this annual year ending this past April. Experts believe physiological stress caused due to the pandemic and more supply of synthetic opioids like fentanyl are the key factors driving the death rate.

Overdoes rose in 50 US states. According to Drugs experts the death toll due to overdose is rising in the past seven years and pandemic has fuelled the growth. The data shows that deaths caused from car crashes, flu, guns have been lower compared to the new data of deaths due to Drugs overdose.

Vermont recorded highest number of deaths. Vermont is followed by West Virginia and Kentucky where Virginia recorded 62%, Kentucky 55%, and Vermont 70% increase. The Drugs experts said the synthetic opioids like fentanyl have been the major contributors besides pandemic. The experts are warned that the death rate will increase even after the pandemic but is preventable.

Some possible solutions to prevent overdose may be fentanyl test strips and supervised consumption sites, said Katherine Keyes, a Drugs abuse expert and associate professor of epidemiology at Columbia University. The users through these sites can be monitored and get recovery and healthcare services. Apart from this, the socio-economic problems causing overdoses should also be addressed, said Katherine.

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