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US Continues to Record Higher Number of Covid Cases

Every day, US is reporting more than 94,000 new cases of Covid-19. The United States is experiencing a drastic surge in related hospitalizations despite widespread vaccinations. The 35 US states are seeing rapid uptick since October. The states have seen nearly 10% since last two weeks.

The states including New Hampshire, Maine, and Michigan are experiencing record braking surge in cases. According to experts some factors like the unvaccinated population, cold weather, relaxation in mobility and other restrictions, highly dangerous and transmissible delta variant, and decreasing vaccine immunity of the vaccinated people are the key factors surging back the Covid-19 infected across all the US states.

The health officials studying the cause for rising cases stated that the rise in Covid-19 cases leading to severe infections and hospitalization is majorly in the unvaccinated population.To mitigate the rising cases and control the virus spread Merck and Pfizer are about the launch pills in the US market shortly. The antiviral drug Molnupiravir which is mainly aimed at addressing the infections has successfully shown to treat high-risk adult patients who had been hospitalized and not been vaccinated by vaccine after few days of Covid-19 symptoms.

Clinical findings showed that the medication of the drug decreased the hospitalization rate and mitigated the danger of death. The drug may also act against the influenza infection. Reports say that Merck may launch new Covid-19 tablet in the US markets shortly. It is expected that that the tablet will be available before Christmas

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