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UC Health Saves Costs and Improves Efficiencies with its new Bed Management Tool

UC Health health system has seen huge costs cuts, a 37% reduction in time to complete ICU transfers, a 4% decrease in time to admit the patient, and a 90% improvement in confidence for taking critical capacity decisions.The serves the people of Nebraska, southern Wyoming, and Colorado. The hospitals see hundreds of patient admissions at a time. The UC Health system operates 12 hospitals. As a result, its health system was facing numerous management problems. Thus it incorporated a bed management tool.

Post incorporating the tool, UC Health was able to address problems that include making data-driven decisions about capacity, proactive planning of census changes, minimizing crises occurring out of mismanagement, and finding the right bed for patients based on patients’ health problems.This bed management tool reduced all the problems encountered during manual bed management. The bed management tool is an easy way to handle bed management and very efficiently. It has also made decision-making easy.

The bed management tool involved predictive and prescriptive analytics that helps better management for today and tomorrow. It has made the hospital easier than before to get a quick status of the capacity, identify strong discharge performing units. This is improving the hospital’s efficiency in bed management and decrease delays at a higher level.

Interestingly, the UC Health bed capacity management tool can be accessed real-time across departments, clinical departments, and the overall health system. As a result of using the bed management tool, UC Health has been successful in addressing problems like ICU transfers, time for admission, improved confidence in taking critical capacity decisions.

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