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Turning Knobs Used as Medical Devices

OKW has added to its already comprehensive line of medical electronics products. There are currently 42 different enclosure models and six different tuning Knobs ranges to choose from. The new OKW Enclosures & Tuning Knobs For Medical Equipment booklet contains information on over 3,000 different products. Wireless/wired remote controls; emergency systems, okwmonitoring and signalling devices; portable solutions for personal protection and Ambient Assisted Living (AAL); analysis, diagnostics, and therapy equipment; monitoring systems and IoT; peripheral devices and data acquisition for laboratories and research are just a few examples of applications.

All of the products have ergonomic design, user-friendly functionality, and high-quality moulding and finishes – and they can all be adjusted to meet the particular needs of product designers. OKW’s unique and practical enclosure design includes power supply and display solutions, as well as high ingress protection ratings, high-performance, easy-to-clean materials, and recessed keypad, display, and interface protection.

Elegant and ergonomic SLIM-CASE phone-style enclosures for the latest generation of handheld devices; SMART-PANEL wall-mount cases for intelligent building control and monitoring; EASYTEC sensor enclosures for quick and easy cable-tying to rails; and a new range of illuminated tuning Knobs for menu-driven interfaces are among the new models. Electronic designers can specify extra functionality with OKW’s extensive variety of enclosure accessories.

Docking stations, belt clips, wrist straps, lanyards, bedrail clamps, wall suspension elements, cable glands, IP sealing kits, and Torx screws are just a few of the accessories available to assist prevent tampering. CNC machining, lacquering, printing or laser marking of legends and logos, décor foils, unique materials, RFI/EMI shielding, installation, and assembly are some of the customization choices.

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