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Truveta & Microsoft Come Together on Cloud AI Development

On Wednesday, Truveta declared that the health system-led data collaborative has partnered with Microsoft Azure which will be the company’s executive cloud platform. The provide-led data collaborative will expand the avenue of Truveta’s pop health analytics projects. Azure’s artificial intelligence along with security tools will catalyse the project.

Truveta has deployed a platform that is presently governed by 17 giants of the U.S. health system. this includes Novant, AdventHealth, and Trinity Health among others. The company says that the strategic partnership is expected to boost Truveta’s research initiatives and efforts with advanced technologies.The member providers associated with Truveta represent over 15% of the care provided across 40 states in the nation.

With Azure, they will oversee enormous number of data points managing what is being paraded world’s largest health data platform with de-identified data. It will only grow bigger with the help of Microsoft scaling up its reach.As a part of the partnership, Microsoft is also expected to invest in the platform while Truveta will hone its specific healthcare product portfolio with the available data. Truveta is working towards integrating Azure-based AI system to gain critical insights from its datasets. The company’s data archive consists of medical records, genomics, imaging and other data records.

The initiative will be focused on building a strong foundation for analytics insights while the providers struggle with health management initiatives. It represents the complex and diverse cross-section of race, ethnicity, age, gender and geography of U.S patients.

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