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Thrifty White Pharmacy Appoints New Store Manager

Thrifty White Pharmacy announces the appointment of new store manager Robyn Brannan for the White Drug Pharmacy in Sidney, Montana. Brannan has lived in Sidney for 35 years. He did various jobs which lead him into the manager position at JC penny.

He held various positions while working there which allowed me the opportunity to gain valuable experience in Inventory management. After the closing of JCPenney, He explored the opportunity of caring for his father and also taking care of my grandchildren which are so very important to me. He looks forward to serving the needs of the Sidney community as the store manager of Thrifty White Pharmacy and looks forward to seeing people soon.

Thrifty White Pharmacy offers a wide variety of services to help keep our patients healthy. Medication Synchronization Program can arrange to have all of your monthly maintenance prescriptions filled and ready for you to pick up on one day each month. Studies have shown that having all of your prescriptions filled at one time each month can improve your medication adherence and lower your total medical costs.

The pharmacy provides a mail-out service for our customer’s prescriptions. It can fill most speciality medications. They have contracts with most insurance companies and will be able to fill your prescriptions even if the insurance hasn’t been accepted at other pharmacies in the past. The pharmacy added services such as text message refill reminders and pick up notifications are available.Pharmacy is unique in that current and past employees own 100% of the shares of the company through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan. This means that the employees that live and work in Hutchinson are the owners of the company. We look forward to serving our new patients in Hutchinson.

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