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The LinkLive have Engagement Tools that Aid Patients

The LinkLive unified communications platform from Revation Systems, a provider of cloud-based messaging and communications technologies, has been updated. According to the firm, LinkLive is designed to provide healthcare providers with a secure way of digital patient contact through virtual channels in one centralised system, allowing them to improve staff and patient experiences. Revation has released three new and improved platform updates to help healthcare businesses meet their needs.

The first is a new web-based experience for the LinkLive digital customer care platform dubbed Digital Agent Experience. Improvements are aimed at addressing important workflows that are currently central to healthcare businesses, as well as offering deep integrations with healthcare systems such as EHRs. Patient data is transferred through an EHR integration for patient transfer teams, for example, removing insecure means of patient data sharing, such as faxing, while allowing agents to handle three or four transfer requests at once.

According to the business, the platform’s ad hoc conferencing feature removes conference bridges and callbacks while providing agents with visual access to all sessions, reducing the time it takes to transfer and admit a patient. The second innovation is CMyServices, a digital office solution that gives pharmacists, sales reps, case workers, and clinicians a secure way to interact patients or members across many channels in one centralised interface.

This enables businesses to reduce complexity while simulating the experience of working in a physical office. Revation’s new web-based digital customer service experience can be linked with EHRs, and the solution employs Revation’s new web-based digital customer service experience. CMyServices is a stand-alone service that is also available to current LinkLive members.Mobile Worker 2.0 is the third upgrade, and it’s meant to give on-the-go case workers the tools they need to communicate on-site easily and securely from a single integrated application. This app, which works on any Apple or Android smartphone, combines EHR and CRM data to automate workflows and link conversations to patient and agent information.

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