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The Extravagant Drug Price Conundrum Know Why 

American Drug prescription prices are studied to be 2.56 times higher than the amount paid in 32 other nations. The countries studied fall under a similar healthcare infrastructure status resembling the United States.

The majority of Americans, despite the popular tag of the most advanced healthcare system, struggle to receive these services. Individuals struggle with the rising costs associated with Rx medications.The United States Food and Drug Administration is heavily invested in regulating the pharmaceutical industry. It is focused on improving the cost scenario of prescription medication. Americans deal with the struggle of a higher cost of living, which adds to their dilemma of paying for their prescriptions.

The higher costs have severe implications on the American citizens leading to nutritional deficiencies worsening the health of individuals. For instance, Type 2 diabetics are compelled to get the prescribed medications.They are not provided an alternative other than to pay for the expensive insulin available in the United States. These patients are highly prevalent across the country and require not only insulin but also a proper diet which cannot be afforded in their limited budget.

Member nations such as France, UK, and Italy report the lowest prescription Drug costs.The Drug prices are higher in Canada, still low when compared to the costs for the same prescription medications in the United States.A Canadian online Drug store has come to aid American citizens. It is an affordable option for the continental citizens as the proposition was reviewed at the White House.

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