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The Amazon Care App Soon to be Launched Country-wide

Amazon Care, an app-based healthcare service by Amazon for its employees, is soon launched throughout the country. The app is currently only available to the tech giant’s Washington-based employees. Sources reported that the company is getting ready to offer the service of the Care app to the rest of the U.S. workers.

The insider said that it would invite employers to use the service as well. Amazon Care declined any request for comments. Currently, the app connects Washington-based employees to providers for a wide range of urgent care and primary services. The employees in the greater Seattle area are also using this app. They can also have a nurse dispatched to them for follow-up treatment, such as blood draws.

Amazon Care plans to provide telehealth to all its employees in all 50 states as a part of the expansion. An announcement might also come as the company is in talks with two or three more companies to provide the app to their employees. It is not clear whether home services are part of the package.

It is not the only foray into healthcare delivery Amazon has recently made. Last week, Crossover Health announced that it would collaborate with the company to serve Amazon employees and their families in the metropolitan regions. These regions will be covered in the five major cities: Dallas, Phoenix, Louisville, Detroit, and San Bernardino.

Seventeen health centers are also included in the initiative where in-person care will be provided. It is unclear how these might overlap with any Amazon Care expansions.

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