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Texas Based Rape and Murder Case is Lead by a DNA Evidence

An arrest was made in a Texas teacher’s murder brought a surprising twist. The victim was a bridesmaid at the suspect’s wedding. The DNA evidence brought this case to an end. Mary Catherine Edwards, 31, was found drowned in a bathtub and raped in her Beaumont townhome in 1995. Now, 25 years later, the Texas Department of Public Safety announced the arrest of Clayton Bernard Foreman, 61, in Ohio.

Brandon Bess, a Texas Ranger with DPS’s Unsolved Crimes Investigation Program said that they suspected it was someone who was known to the family, but they never imagined it’s going to be a person that’s in your wedding. Bess said trash collected from Foreman’s home matched DNA Evidence extracted from the crime scene. The DNA was discovered through advanced testing by Houston-area lab, Othram.

Dr David Mittelman, CEO said that in contrast to traditional testing which examines maybe 20 markers in the DNA, we are collecting tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of markers, Mittelman said examining more markers provides a more accurate suspect profile. With the help of genealogy and collecting samples from distant relatives who volunteer, investigators were able to zero in on Foreman.

Mittleman also added that he doesn’t think cases will have to go cold in the future. If you have tried the traditional methods and pursued all available leads and they don’t lead you to an answer, then we switch to this format. Bess said it’s a reminder to victim’s families, that if technology can solve a 25-year-old teacher’s murder, there are plenty of other cold cases waiting to be solved.

Bess also added that Crime-fighting and crime-solving have changed, if we have DNA evidence in a case, Bess is also convinced we can solve those cases. Investigators said Foreman had another victim in the early 1980s and he was sentenced in that case. Now, they want to hear from you, because they believe there could be more victims

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