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Tesis Labs Launching Genetic Testing Facility

Tesis Labs is the leader in targeted genetic sequencing and has announced its plans to expand to the Phoenix/Scottsdale area, offering targeted genetic sequencing services to healthcare providers in the western U.S. The next lab will be located in Scottsdale.The company’s existing labs are in Denver, Lafayette, Colo. and Houston.

The new Tesis Labs will have the additional capacity to handle the growth of the Company’s collaborative initiatives with large medical companies and research organizations looking to develop pharmaceuticals that impact the human genome, medical devices and large medical organizations focused on an improvement in the quality of care. The main focus of the facility will be on high-complexity molecular and next-generation sequencing testing to detect chronic and hereditary conditions such as cancer, heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s. The will offer Infectious Disease testing, including COVID-19, respiratory pathology, wound and other molecular testing.

Doug Ducey Arizona Governor said that the Labs’s expansion is a positive reflection on Arizona’s high-quality healthcare and biotech community. Arizona offers convenient access to states west of the Rockies, along with the clinical and bio-tech expertise needed to support next-generation genetic opportunities The company’s success is to encourage Tesis Labs to anchor its largest facility in Arizona is a confirmation of the positive business environment in our state.

Ron King, Tesis Labs Chief Executive Officer said that Genetics and hereditary markers are playing an increasing role in preventive medicine. With earlier identification of disease markers, physicians, patients and families can make more informed prevention and treatment decisions. The Expansion of labs to Arizona makes it rivaffords and its team of experts the capacity to accommodate our substantial growth from our assertive collaboration efforts with healthcare partners from across the U.S.

The lab is planned to open in early November. According to King, the Scottsdale lab will be the company’s largest in terms of testing capacity and will involve an investment of tens of millions of dollars into the facility and local support operations.King also shared the excitement to share our specialized services to Arizona and the western U.S.the goal of the company’s goal is to offer patients and clinicians the science and experts to identify and support clinical diagnosis and care, as easily and conveniently as possible.It uses a genetically integrated medical platform for targeted genetic sequencing and comprehensive genetic data collection to fuel chronic disease management breakthroughs.

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