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Telix Pharmaceuticals and Grand River Aseptic Manufacture Illuccix

Telix Pharmaceuticals Limited announces that it has signed an agreement with contract development and manufacturing organization Grand River Aseptic Manufacturing to perform commercial-scale Good Manufacturing Practice manufacturing of Telix’s Illuccix® product.In terms of the Agreement, Grand River Aseptic Manufacturing will perform advanced aseptic fill and finish services for Illuccix® at its facilities in Grand Rapids, for the U.S., Canada, EU, and Australian markets.

Dr. Bernard Lambert, president of Relix Americas said that with the distribution agreements in place with major radiopharmacy networks covering over 90% of the U.S. population. He also is pleased to have entered this agreement with Grand river Aseptic Manufacturing. Thus delivering a key component of our manufacturing and supply chain strategy for GMP manufacturing of Telix’s first commercial product.He also said that As the company is preparing for the U.S. launch of Illuccix® it is especially reassuring to know that, subject to approval by the FDA, supply will originate from a site in Michigan, providing access for American men living with prostate cancer.

Tom Ross, GRAM President, and CEO said that the company congratulated Telix on reaching this milestone. They are in great honor to support pharmaceutical innovators with fill and finish services as they work to deliver novel drug products to market. GRAM’s partnership with Telix is founded on deep technical expertise and shared values that are backed by a strong quality record, world-class equipment, and passionate team members.

Telix Pharmaceuticals Limited has entered into an agreement with Scintec Diagnostics GmbH to acquire TheraPharm GmbH a Swiss-German biotechnology company developing innovative diagnostic and therapeutic solutions in the field of hematology.

The acquisition of TheraPharm provides Telix with access to a portfolio of patents, technologies, production systems, clinical data, and know-how in relation to the use of Molecularly Targeted Radiation in hematology and immunology. TheraPharm is developing antibody MTR technology against CD66, a cell surface target highly expressed by neutrophils and tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes. Of particular interest is the demonstrated use of the technology to safely and effectively perform bone marrow conditioning (BMC) prior to bone marrow stem cell transplant.

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