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Telehealth an Ideal Solution to Improve Behavioral Health

Virtual care can assist in filling the gaps in Behavioral healthcare, including problems like critical supply-and-demand, lack of sufficient medical staff, which have been restricting care for quite some time.Recently reputed mental health experts Dr. Michael Hasselberg and Dr. Julie Rish had a Digital discussion over this matter.

Both of them concluded that the demand for these telehealth services surged only since the start of the pandemic. These include depression, burnout, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, and substance abuse among care workers themselves.

Hasselberg said that there isn’t an adequate number of psychologists and psychiatrists in order to meet up the demand, and it’s only increasing. One of the great things telehealth has been able to offer for Behavioral health is the capacity to get to the patients in regions of the nation that were impossible for any other tech to get to. From Hasselberg’s viewpoint, being able to offer access to such care is the major advantage of telehealth and virtual care for Behavioral health.

As Rish highlighted, on the other hand, it’s not only about access; it is also about providing training to healthcare providers who go into the houses and also the beneficiaries themselves to get comfortable with these techniques and to found trust in them.Rish said that she believes it is possible to get the same quality of care as that of in-person care with telehealth. She added that all of us need to ensure that we are offering our resources efficiently to meet that concern.

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