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Targeted Pharmaceuticals initiates Additional Study with Tetra Bio-Pharma

Tetra Bio-Pharma Inc., along with Targeted Pharmaceuticals, announced that they had initiated new research projects. Tetra is a biopharmaceutical pioneer in immunomodulator drug development and discovery. It will come to an agreement with the George Mason University NCBID to investigate the potential benefits of ARDS-003 in antiviral applications and neuroinflammation.

It is expected that the global central nervous system drugs market will grow to $163.05 billion in 2025 from $125.28 billion in 2020. CEO and CRO, Dr. Guy Chamberland, commented, “We have initiated this new research agreement to further understand the potential therapeutic benefits of ARDS-003 in treating inflammatory conditions of the brain as well as learning more about the potential use of the drug candidate in other antiviral applications.”

Chamberland also said that Targeted Pharmaceuticals’ partnership provides expertise in drug development areas. It is critical for expanding the potential Return on Investment (ROI) of the lead drug candidate ARDS-003.

Tetra Bio-Pharma is associated with the FDA, and a Health Canada cleared clinical program that aims to bring novel prescription drugs and treatments to patients and other healthcare providers. The evidence-based scientific approach enables developing a pipeline of cannabinoid-based drug products for various medical conditions like inflammation, oncology, and pain. The company focuses on providing rigorous scientific validation and safety data required for inclusion into the existing industry.

Targeted Pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical company which is at clinical-stage. The company has a primary focus on treatments for oncology and central nervous system disorders. Some of the statements may include forward-looking information. All the statements expect or anticipate will or may occur in the future.

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