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Statesboro pharmacy Shuts after 60 years.

Statesboro pharmacy closed its doors on Wednesday for the last time, after 60 years in business. Plenty of customers visited the pharmacy for the last time and paid their respect.Bill Golden, a customer, said that when they found out at coffee this morning. They had no idea. It was a shock, total shock. It’s the reason they came to the medical pharmacy here today. Inside, a women’s boutique on one side, baby gifts on the other, and a soda shop in the back.

India Walden, a customer, shared her memories of visiting the Statesboro pharmacy when she was a little girl. Earlier the place was a little kitchen in the back and she used to get all types of snacks. Another customer shared the memory of bringing her teenagers to have milkshakes. Customers said they’re worried the Medical Center would eventually close, especially as national chains have begun to open locations in Statesboro. It’s hard to compete with Walmart, Walgreens and all that.

People have got that ‘shiny syndrome,’ like the magpie. If it’s shiny and new people tend to go check it out. But if we stop and think, there’s a lot of value in the things that have been here a long time. The pharmacy notified customers that their prescriptions would default to a Walgreens just up the street unless they had another preferred pharmacy. Many of the customers said they were transferring their prescriptions to one of the other local pharmacies.

Bulloch County has experienced dramatic declines in the past three months. After recording 868 new confirmed cases and 10 deaths in January, the Georgia Department of Public Health reported Bulloch had 97 confirmed cases in April and only two deaths in the past 30 days. On the vaccination front, 95 residents received their first dose since Wednesday and the Department of Health reported 231 Bulloch Countians received their second dose in the past two days.

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