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Spectral Computed Tomography Device Unveiled by Royal Philips

The Spectral Computed Tomography 7500 from Royal Philips is an intelligent device that provides spectral images for all patients to allow accurate diagnosis. According to the business, this spectral detector-based device produces high-quality images for every patient, on every scan, all of the time. The system can also provide images to patients with cardiac, paediatric, and bariatric conditions. At the same dose levels used in regular scans, it can improve disease characterisation and reduce the need for rescans and follow-ups.

The spectral workflow is fully integrated to enable the technologist to scan the patient quickly, according to the company. Spectral chest and head scans take less than one second, while a complete upper body spectral scan takes less than two seconds, according to Philips. The device can also produce high-resolution images, allowing doctors to easily diagnose and treat patients.

Chief business leader of Royal Philips, Kees Wesdorp, said, “This latest intelligent system helps to bring clarity to defining moments in healthcare by delivering on certainty, simplicity and reliability in every clinical area from cardiac care to emergency radiology, diagnostic oncology, intervention and radiation oncology.”

According to the firm, spectral computed tomography has improved readings of incidental findings and has increased sensitivity in detecting malignant findings. Spectral insights will be available for all patients and every clinical indication in the new method, including cardiac scans with high and irregular heart rates. Furthermore, with Spectral Magic Glass on the picture archiving and communication method, the spectral workflow assists radiologists in improving reading with spectral results and artificial intelligence-based resources used in different reading environments.

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