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SourceMark Medical Collaborates with R-Water on a New Cleaning and Disinfection System

It was revealed today that SourceMark Medical, a US medical device business, has partnered with R-Water to market its environmentally friendly cleaning and disinfection. It is possible to create hypoallergenic disinfection and cleaning solutions on-site using this innovative technology for a fraction of the price.

Our clients and GPO (Group Purchasing Organization) partners will now have access to this eco-friendly, revolutionary technology, thanks to this unique partnership with R-Water. For our business, which is constantly seeking new solutions to treat COVID-19 and other infectious illnesses in order to maintain patient and employee safety, it is a game. There are two US-based firms that have simplified the supply chain while fulfilling our clients’ goals of reducing prices, quality, and outcomes: SourceMark Medical and R-Water, according to SourceMark Medical’s chief executive Dan Blucher.

R-gadget Water uses simple science to tackle big challenges. FC+, an all-purpose cleaner, and degreaser are produced on-site by the device. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests using a disinfectant with the lowest contact time, which is the amount of time a surface must be fully wet. There are no resistant strains of infections, and TK60 kills a wide variety of diseases 30 times quicker than frequently used disinfectants.

In addition to improving patient flow and EVS efficiency, TK60’s short contact duration reduces operating room and patient turnover time. As water-based solutions, TK60 and FC+ eliminate the possibility of chemical exposure and slip-and-fall accidents. During the Vizient Innovative Technology Exchange, which will be conducted virtually from September 21-23, SourceMark Medical will be exhibiting the R-Water system.

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