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Solv Gains $45M Encouraging Expansion of its Portfolio

Solv is a digital service provider offering same-day and next-day appointment software to deliver hassle-free healthcare services. The San-Francisco-based company has bagged $45 million as a part of fresh funding, facilitating it to develop its national healthcare provider’s network.

The company has successfully raised $95 million to date. The digital software provider sells software to healthcare providers enabling them to enhance digital capabilities. The services include online scheduling of appointments, AI-driven queuing along with automatic reputation management, and paperless registration.

Solv, among an array of offerings, also provides consumers with an app wherein they can easily find care or schedule appointments and telehealth visits at their convenience.Solv has often projected itself as the bridge that connects providers and customers, such as in the case of transportation. The company aligns itself with marketplaces that connect drivers with the passengers in transportation or buyers and sellers in the case of real estate.

As of now, every 1 in 16 U.S. citizens has used Solv effectively to schedule care and make same-day appointments with much ease. As smartphones are increasingly adopted, Solv utilizes the proliferation of technology to eliminate the long waiting hours in hospitals and clinics.Conventional methods are growing obsolete and replaced by modern and digital systems. software is the best example of it. The company is gaining momentum as more than 100 million Americans are located within a five miles perimeter of a same-day appointment with. Nearly 50% of new patients have been reported to adopt the software care.

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