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Smiths Interconnect Offers Reliable Connection to Medical Devices

In Medical Devices, Reliable Connection is essential to protect the well-being of patients. The globally recognized Smiths Group’s part, Smiths Interconnect, provides electronic components, radio frequency products, and fiber optics that protect, connect, and control critical healthcare applications. The advanced connectivity solutions offered by the company ensure signal integrity and reliability for medical devices. The products are used in surgical and patient monitoring systems, disposable, and imaging systems.

Smiths Interconnect technology brands supporting the medical industry include Hypertac, IDI, EMC, Lorch, and RF Labs, each one synonymous with exceptional performance. Apart from supplying expertly designed products under these various brand names, they also support the medical sector with excellent consultancy and advice.

Smiths Interconnect’s global product line manager, Daniel Ratzlaff, said, “You can find Smiths Interconnect’s technology being used on any application or device that requires a safe, Reliable Connection, time after time, such as imaging systems – like MRI, CT, X-Ray, or EP Mapping systems – radio frequency generators, and patient monitors.”

Daniel said that any device that sees a high cycle life or harsh environment worn by patients would benefit from their technology. He said that it would also be beneficial for any device that requires long service life. The company’s products deploy high-performance hyperboloid contacts, which are ideal for harsh environments. Ratlazz also claims that the use of this technology is what sets Smiths Interconnect apart from the competition.

He explained, “The Hypertac technology provides a highly Reliable Connection, low-mating-force connection, while delivering industry-leading cycle life and electrical performance. The inherent electrical and mechanical characteristics of the Hypertac® Hyperboloid technology contact ensure unrivalled performance in terms of reliability, number of mating cycles, low contact force and minimal contact resistance.”

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