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Shawmut Spearheading the Future of Advanced Materials

Shawmut Corporation has been an active implementor of advanced technologies, and innovative changes. The fourth-generation, family business established back in 1916, is built at America’s oldest woolen mill. The company has emerged to be United States’ largest independent laminator producing technical fabrics. It offers technologically advanced solutions to automotive sector, military and defense, and health and safety industry.

Shawmut decided to expand its healthcare solutions portfolio by announcing the development of a new Health and Safety facility in early 2021. The company has a robust foothold in the health and safety market. Shawmut has broadcasted its trademark techniques, advanced materials, textile manufacturing methodologies, and process innovation techniques.

The company has been successful in delivering superior quality, American health and safety products with such extensive applications. The range of product offering includes the company’s Portex™ line that displays the U.S. made advanced personal protective equipment (PPE).The company has been focused on the development of high-quality medical barrier, and filtration fabrics along with medical devices, and several inflatable medical devices.

Quickly adapting to the current market need during the pandemic, Shawmut particularly focused on PPE production. Soon the company introduced its Portex™ N95 particulate Respirator.To support the additional product line, Shawmut immediately installed a fully automated production system scaling up its flexibility. This was followed by the installation of nearly 50 new assembly lines for increasing the production of gowns, and masks. Some of the recently established assembly lines displayed advanced robotic capabilities with innovative features.

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