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Second Chance at Patient Health Record Software by Google

Google is trying to make inroads towards making the patient Health Record tool. STAT’s Erin Brodwin says that the company is recruiting patients to weigh in on how they want to access the medical records. It is possible that it would help shape the user-facing software.

A Google spokesperson said, “Google is running a user feedback program to test features that give users the ability to collect health information from their provider patient portals, organize, search and share it with the people they trust in a private and secure manner.”

The implementation of the federal information blocking rules led to this move. On April 5th, the rules went officially effective and it allows the patients access to their medical records. Brodwin says that this could potentially be the base for more tools enabling users to control their Health Record.

During this point, Google is reportedly recruiting almost 300 Android users from Epic-using health systems in Chicago, Atlanta, and San Francisco Bay area for its study. The available APIs are being used by the company to help the participants to connect the information in provider portals. It is not linked to clinical or health research initiatives and neither is it an open program for all to participate in.

At present, Google has no plans to do testing or usage outside the United States. According to Google, the health information will not be used for any advertising and marketing purposes. A decade has passed for the shut down of the California-based tech giant, Mountain View’s first personal Health Record go-around, Google Health.

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