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Screening for Anxiety in all above the age of 65

The old age people in the US are being recommended to get regular Screening for anxiety. US health officials have recommended the older generation of the country to get regular Screening done for anxiety. This Screening is referred to by the Preventive Services task Force of the US. It is primarily for the people over the age of 65 years with almost no symptoms of anxiety.

This step is taken on the observation in the Covid-19 pandemic, where numerous studies were conducted and analyzed. The studies showed that during covid 19 pandemic and lockdown, the situation of mental health of people have gotten worse due to stress of getting infected and isolation. This is why recommending Screening for anxiety is the need of the hour.

The US’s PSTF said that benefits will definitely outweigh the risk factor involved with this initiative. The risk factor might be incorrect or incomplete analysis and wrong follow-up care of the patient. Currently, about 40% of American women are struggling with anxiety disorders and it is one of the most common issues in the nation. Other people affected by certain anxiety disorders include african-americans who either live in poverty, or have lost their beloved. In fact, 1 in every 10th pregnant woman is also struggling with anxiety, today.

Some common tools for Screening anxiety in these older people are making them fill a set of questionnaires, particularly about identifying their fears or things that may worry them or stress factors that affect their daily life. Some scientists claim that just a single set of questionnaires as the only tool isn’t very reliable for detecting anxiety disorders in any individual. Hence, more effective tools should be taken in use for accurate results

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