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San Francisco Dating app Adds Vaccination Status

As the eligibility of the Covid 19 vaccination increases the Bay Area has improvised the dating app to make announcements about the vaccine.Dawoon Kang, the co-founder of the dating app Coffee Meets Bagel and its Chief Dating Officer said that 78% of the users have told us it’s a deal-breaker if their date doesn’t take COVID seriously. Dawoon Kang, the co-founder of the dating app Coffee Meets Bagel and its Chief Dating Officer. Kang said that at several Bay Area singletons who are back on the dating scene.

Regarding the app’s users, Kang tells the station that there’s already evidence that vaccination status will play a big role in people’s dating lives in the coming year. Nearly 43% of the users have mentioned that if they come across a profile that says that they’ve been vaccinated they’re more likely to like the profile.

The Dating app Coffee Meets Bagel has given this idea to other popular dating apps like Tinder and Bumble will follow suit with adding the vaccine question or making it more front-and-centre on profiles. The Washington Post reported that vaccinations or some form thereof has made its way into a growing number of usernames and profiles on hookup apps like Scruff.

From April 1 Everyone 16 and older in California will be eligible to get the coronavirus vaccine starting April 15. Individuals who are 50 and older will get a head start. San Francisco has progressed in providing the vaccine to its older population. Nearly 82% per cent of San Franciscans 65 and older have received at least one dose of the vaccine and 62% have been fully vaccinated. These high vaccination rates in the 65 and older population is especially important because older individuals are most at risk of hospitalization and death from COVID-19.

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