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Rockley Photonic Seeks Potential Applications of Biomarker

Rockley Photonics is a leading player specialising in silicon photonics technology. The Pasadena, California-based company announced on Wednesday, September 8 expansion of its biomarker applications. The company is embarking on new potential applications of its non-invasive biomarker sensing technology exploring the untapped spaces of medical technology.

Rockley future strategic goal is to deliver photonics-based technology solutions for enhancing the overall healthcare capabilities, and well-being. For the same, the silicon photonics company has signed a strategic partnership with two well-established medical equipment manufacturers. Rockley has chosen among the world’s top ten largest device manufacturers to collaborate with. Altogether the partners have industry experience and history of more than 200 years with company valuation of over $40 billion in the medical equipment market.

Through this collaboration, the company will work towards evaluation, analysis, and incorporation of the non-invasive biomarker sensing technology into medical devices or equipments. The integration will vary in form factors based on the type of body parts, and type of medical facilities. Installation will be different for hospitals and clinics.Rockley expects that the multi-year partnerships will encourage advancement of the potential application of real-time, and non-invasive sensing in mobile devices. New avenue can be explored through outpatient monitoring systems.

Rockley offers a unique clinic-on-the-wrist sensing platform that allows device and equipment manufacturers with incorporation of comprehensive biomarker measurements. The company’s proprietary photonics-based laser technology has significant benefits. It also enhances biomarker detection capabilities by allowing current LED sensors to monitors broad range of biomarkers.

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