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Roche Diagnostics Norway Collaborates with Essenlix Corporation

Essenlix Corporation is partnering with Roche Diagnostics Norway to implement Essenlix’s iMOSTTM platform for the Patient At-Home Test market. Ease mix corporation is a developer, manufacturer, and provider of mobile instant health test solutions for both personal and clinical use, providing the link between personal health, remote monitoring and treatment, and e-health services.

The Norwegian healthcare service is encountering crucial capacity challenges, with an increasing number of patients and elderly in need of health services, as well as a reduced supply of health personnel. To face these challenges and offer better healthcare, the Norwegian healthcare system is booting into a new period of medical distance follow-up and treatment, which requires innovative technologies that allow patients to perform safe, accurate, reliable, and easy-to-use healthcare tests at home.After evaluation and collaboration, Roche Diagnostics Norway has chosen Essenlix as its partner for the initiative and will employ Essenlix’s iMOST, a breakthrough technology in at-home diagnostic testing as the platform for its patient-at-home-test solution in Norway.

Essenlix iMOSTTM is an instant, mobile phone-based health test platform for personal, point-of-care, and clinical use. It is designed to allow any person to perform a diagnostic health test for themselves accurately, anywhere, anytime, using a single drop of body fluid and a smartphone. The test takes only 60 seconds, at a low cost, with the result sent immediately to medical professionals.

iMOST, first of the type, fundamentally differs from traditional instruments and devices in several respects. This is Intelligent Fault Tolerant, delivering clinical lab-quality test results with good reliability, using a simple device and even under imperfect conditions in sample, device, process, and operation. It is an All-in-One product using one unique instrument to perform health tests for nearly all sample types and for most major assay types, rather than using different sample holders and instruments. The product is instant in test time, handheld, portable, easy-to-to-use, low-cost, and mobile-connected.

iMOST Model X-1 uses only three pieces of hardware: a mobile phone, a matchbox-sized adaptor, and a mail stamp-sized sample holder. It is the world’s smallest, simplest, and lowest-cost device for blood cell counting, as well as the device for performing immunoassay, colorimetric assay, cytology and pathology.

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