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Rising cases of Enterovirus D-68

Alert issued about the Enterovirus D68, related to paralysis similar to polio. CDC issued a warning to the healthcare professionals about a recent and sudden rise in hospitalizations of children for a severe respiratory illness, and advising them to look into an Enterovirus type as a possible cause.

The Enterovirus D68, or EV-D68, which frequently produces mild, cold-like symptoms but can potentially result in more severe respiratory illness, was the cause of an upsurge in infections in July and August, according to hospitals and medial officials in numerous regions of the United States. Since a seasonal infection wave in 2018, there have been more instances reported than ever before. The CDC confirmed that from March to August, there were about 80 cases of the Enterovirus D68.

Since EV D68 has also been linked to acute flaccid myelitis (AFM), a rare but dangerous neurological complication that can cause death or lifelong paralysis with respiratory symptoms, the updated warning was designed for medical personnel and hospitals. More than 90% of the instances of this acute flaccid myelitis in the US have involved young children.

Although the CDC has not seen an increase in the cases of AFM, the organization hopes to alert pediatricians and other frontline healthcare providers across the nation because EV D68 infection spikes frequently precede cases of AFM. It is advised to take necessary precautions and conduct immediate tests whenever the child shows early signs of disease.

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