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Reno Welcomes New Biotech Companies

Reno is adding two more California companies to its fold as the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada. On Tuesday, they announced a growing biotechnology firm’s arrival and fledging financial technology business to the area. StemExpress, a Sacramento-based biotech company, is expanding to the Biggest Little City after the deal of a new 52,000 square foot facility was inked.

The other company, Bay Area-based PayCertify, is also wholly moving its headquarters to Reno. They are on a journey to embark on an ambitious growth plan. Both these companies are precisely the kind of businesses that Northern Nevada hopes to attract. The region is working towards a more diversified economy that is less reliant on traditional industries like gaming.

The companies arrived to show that efforts to attract technology companies to the region are bearing fruit. A few years ago, tech firms and startups to Northern Nevada were telling people to be the first person to set up a Siberia company. Since then, things have changed with the arrival of high-profile companies like Tesla and Panasonic.

Kazmierski said, “These companies want to know that they have like-minded people here. You’re no longer forced to explain that there really is tech here because they kind of know it already, which makes it so much easier for us. It’s really exciting to see companies we wouldn’t have had a chance to attract five years ago coming here.” StemExpress was founded in 2010, runs several cell management laboratories, and also has stem cell collection centers.

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