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Ramapo Radiology Explores QR codes for Sharing Images

Traditionally, the Radiology films or CDs are carried from location to location consuming time, resources, and increasing costs. Ramapo Radiology Associates has explored a new solution, an encrypted QR code. The digital technology can instantly share images with patients rather than CDs. The QR Code receives images and medical reports electronic health record. The encrypted files are sent to Novarad’s Object Vault cloud system. It stores the files for future use.

The files are encrypted and use AES-256 to store images. Most importantly, HTTPS is used while transferring or uploading the file to protect against data theft. Patients receive the QR code on networked printer which can be used to view and send the files to referring professionals. This technology has enabled easy sharing and access of the images and on-demand making further processes fasters and make informed decisions.

The technology is integrated with advanced security features that do not need to enter password every time. The QR Code can also be shared to the referring physicians within few minutes and start viewing the images in fraction of seconds. They can download the images or can save them. Patients and physicians will not have to waste time on CDs.

Ramapo using this mobile technology has saved from burning about 4,000 CDs a month, 333-500 hours each month, reduce courier expenses needed to courier CDs from location to location as well as focus more on mission critical activities.

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