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Pure Cardiology Patients Get Improved Healthcare through RPM

Pure Cardiology is a Charlotte, North Carolina-based membership-based concierge specialty. It provides treatment for complex patients with an emphasis on avoiding events and including patients in their own health care. Remote patient monitoring technology helps cardiologists to closely track their progress and make medical changes on a daily basis, keeping the patient focused on their wellbeing.

Among in-person visits, the company found a strong advantage in keeping in touch with its patients. The team hoped that having real-time, actionable data would allow them to provide proactive, personalised treatment and assist patients in achieving their personal health goals, but they lacked the personnel to manage the programme and keep patients engaged.

Dr. Richard Browne, a cardiologist at Pure Cardiology, said, “Health Logx offered Pure Cardiology a turnkey solution for remote patient monitoring and chronic care management, powered by the Carium platform. The program is targeted at our at-risk patients with chronic conditions such as hypertension, obesity, diabetes and heart failure.”

In addition to hiring, onboarding, and troubleshooting with patients, the vendor’s service involves billing on behalf of the practise. The doctors there refer qualified patients to Health Logx. Angie Stevens, the founder of Health Logx, works with patients and provides them with a digital health package that includes the Carium app as well as digital devices like blood pressure cuffs, weight scales, and/or blood glucose monitors, depending on their needs.

Pure Cardiology has benefited from improved patient experiences, personalised treatment, rich data, and new revenue sources. Patients take their blood pressure, blood sugar, and/or weight on a daily basis using the linked system from the comfort of their own homes. Stevens uses the Carium provider user interface to automatically exchange and track patients’ biometrics.

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