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Psychiatric Drugs Aid by Numbing Brain Function

Drugs, and therapies involving the use of antidepressants or steroids, antipsychotics, opioids, and the application of electroshock therapy, lobotimes, leucotimes all ultimately have one effect in common. This is in calming a patient which is accomplished by the bran dysfunctioning caused by these drugs.

However useful at the time to control a patient’s activity, these drugs and their actual nature is not considered health profitable in terms of brain quality in the long-term. Currently, the Psychiatric Drugs market consists of ten classes of prescription drugs that effectively impair brain functioning. The pharmaceutical industry offers such medications in Psychiatric as well as non-drug category.

Some of side effects or brain impairments experienced by a patient are reversible. This is possible if the substance is reduced which could restore a patient’s brain to it pre-intervention state. However, if the exact treatment, and dosage is prolonged, the impairments may cause permanent brain damage.Psychiatric Drugs in particular are of crucial importance owing to their extensive proliferation. Psychiatric Drugs therapy has increased rapidly.

These drugs are used to treat a large number of symptoms along with their claim to treat the cognitive impairments which are caused due to depression or schizophrenia.The non-drug therapies targeting brain impairment such as electroshock therapy (ECT) or lobotimes also have displayed side effects in the past. For instance, in the past, a physician induced the hospitalized schizophrenic patients with malaria and won a Nobel Prize for it despite the several deaths that were caused.

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