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President Joe Biden’s Investment in Biotechnology Infrastructure

President Joe Biden’s total $300 billion investment in Research and Development (R&D) and Breakthrough Technologies is a considerable investment in 5G infrastructure. Expanding access to the next generation of mobile broadband to Americans is the main aim of the plan. It would identify the geographic-based access to breakthrough technologies of fundamental importance to the economic success of Americans.

With the rollout of Covid-19 vaccines, America’s glaring healthcare distribution bottlenecks have been revealed. Despite the early cries for more concrete rollout plans, almost half of the doses had not been distributed. This was the case just a month into the vaccine distributions throughout the country. Many local and national governments cited the challenging storage requirements of the vaccine. Storage being the critical factor that inhibits timely distribution, it was a significant challenge for many distribution centers.

Although, this issue is not unique only to vaccines. The healthcare infrastructure as a whole is ill-equipped. While there is a lot of governmental backing for therapeutic discovery, there is nothing in President Joe Biden’s plan to support the infrastructure and distribution necessary to make the products. Such findings were scalably manufacturable and widely available at levels accessible for the average American.

There are two critical issues within our healthcare infrastructure and its deprioritization in place of scientific discovery. President Joe Biden’s economic plan, as it is apparent. As a society are drawn to the fictional narrative of overnight success. It ultimately influences the way in which we invest. Products like these cannot save lives if they never reach.

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