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Platforms like Clubhouse Ready for Pharma Industries?

Twitter Spaces, Discord, Clubhouse, and now Swell are bursting into the Social Networking scene as they become famous audio channels. The question is that whether there is a place for pharma? Mark Pappas, leading growth and innovation at CMI Media Group, says yes. He says that it may be early for pharma groups to jump into Clubhouse. Companies should start thinking ahead and even experimenting with social audio.

The first thing about developing an audio identity is to think about the voice of your brand. Is it male or female? Should the voice have a regional dialect or a twang? Pappas said, “With the rollout of Alexa, Google Home and different interactive assistants, the way people interact with information has changed. People are much more comfortable using their voice asking smart speakers questions all the time.”

The firm is advising clients to think about their voice identity, especially if they will run ads on Amazon Alexa or any other similar platforms. This came as a suggestion with the rise of social audio channels. It is generally the voice or sound of a brand that helps people recognize it. It is known to be ‘Called audio’ or ‘Sonic Branding’.

It is a challenge for pharma brands to be lighthearted, however, they must explore the possibilities of audio branding. In audio channels like Clubhouse or the latest Twitter Spaces are places where Pappas sees a role for pharmas’ as health or condition facilitators. Key opinion leaders can be tapped by drugmakers and have them talk about the brand. Pappas feels that brands can create clubs on such platforms.

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