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Phoenix Molecular Designs Appoints Mike Varney to its Advisory Board

A company, Phoenix Molecular Designs, is on a mission to help thousands of triple-negative breast cancer patients and their families. The company announced the appointment of Mike Varney, Ph.D., to its advisory board. Sandra Dunn, Ph. D., Founder, and CEO of the company, said, “Our vision is clear – to be the first to market RSK inhibitors for TNBC, and we believe that Mike’s leading expertise in drug design and discovery will help us as we work towards that goal.”

Dunn went on to say that Mike is an exceptional addition to the Phoenix Molecular Designs’ advisory board. They are excited to work along with him on the progressing pipeline and lead asset, PMD-026. It is the first purpose-built drug currently in Phase 1b of clinical trials to treat TNBC. Many executive team members and advisory team members have had the pleasure of working with Mike in the past. Many people have firsthand seen Mike as a visionary who understands to develop winning cancer therapies.

Mike Varney said, “I am very pleased to be part of Phoenix Molecular Designs and their distinguished advisory board.” He feels that Sandi and her team are industry leaders. He says that they have made tremendous progress in the development of a potential new therapy targeting TNBC. A recent development has also been seen in the team, which is companion diagnostics (CDx) measuring activated RSK2 in breast cancers. To date, the data obtained from the pre-clinical studies on ongoing clinical studies of PMD-026 shows excellent potential in delivering a higher quality of life for those battling TNBC.

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