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Philadelphia Zoo is Hiding Birds as Avian Flu Spreads Across US

In order to safeguard its birds from the extremely contagious and potentially fatal avian influenza, the Philadelphia Zoo and other zoos around North America are bringing their birds indoors and away from people and wildlife.

“Eagles, emus, penguins, and flamingos, to name a few. Consider how many different bird species we have at the zoo, all of which are now held inside “According to Rachel Metz of the Philadelphia Zoo, “There are still a lot of other creatures here at the zoo that visitors can view, such as rhinoceros, giraffes, great apes, goats…so it’s still a terrific experience even if the birds aren’t out.”

To minimize the spread of the virus, about 23 million hens and turkeys have been slaughtered across the United States, and zoos are working hard to ensure that none of their birds suffer the same fate. It would be particularly distressing for zoos to put any of their rare or threatened animals to death.

Workers at the Toronto Zoo are putting roofing on some outdoor bird displays and double-checking the mesh surrounding the cages to make sure wild birds can’t get in. The virus is spread through birds’ droppings and nasal discharge. It may be spread through infected equipment, clothing, footwear, and cars transporting supplies, according to experts. Small birds crammed inside zoo displays or buildings have been proved to spread the virus, and mice can even track it inside, according to research.

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