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Palm Beach Co. Health Care District’s New Aid of EHR System

The Palm Beach Co. Health Care District’s has launched an efficient Epic electronic health record (HER) system. This new technology will allow multiple primary care clinics, and rural hospitals patients to connect with a singular, shared platform offering quality care.

The recently deployed Connect OBC patient platform will provide quality care for patients as a part of the Health Care District’s safety net system. The portal will focus on the underserved set of population. It will allow higher convenience with secured digital access to health information of patients. The introduction of new integrated portal aims to deliver superior technology solutions meeting patient needs. It will particularly help patients with complex health situations who face challenges in navigating the healthcare delivery system, stated Belma Andri, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Health Care District’s.

Implementing Epic-based platform integration, providers are now fully equipped with an absolute medical history, and records of patients.Following the live session about the declaration of new technology on July 1, the District’s has observed notable achievement. It stated that the software is now successfully utilized by more than 50,000 unique patients of C.L. Brumback Primary Care Clinics. The Epic software system helps the medical staff to execute instant access to test results.

The new portal also provides medical professionals with the capabilities of seamless communication with the Health Care District’s departments. An amalgamated patient record enables informed decision making with best interest of patients. It expedites the process significantly without compromising on accuracy, and efficiency.

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