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Willie Wise
Chief Editor

Backed by a strong educational background with a degree in Biotechnology, Greenville Technical College, Willie D. Wise is an asset to The Healthcare News and is rightfully placed as the Chief Editor, owing to his vast experience in technical writing, marketing, and strategic planning. To hone his job skills in journalism, Wise has also completed a degree course in journalism from the University of South Carolina-Columbia. He is highly skilled with the art of news presentation and is adept in an editorial role with excellent time management and leadership qualities at his disposal. He ensures the best delivery from his team of writers and ensures excellent performance by his team.

Besides his current job as the editor-in-chief at The Healthcare News, he is a regular writer for the biotechnology category. Given his intense interest in the field, his core career centers around writing which he does with complete dexterity. As a writer, he ensures appropriate title selection besides developing authentic, market-relevant content ideal for business discretion and also to suit promotional and marketing strategies of The Healthcare News. His writing style not only remains informative but also is high on lucidity to entice reader focus for longer. Crude facts and statistical details are also presented simplistically to connect with readers' grasping capabilities.

Phone: +16153666427

Margarita Murphy
Sub Editor

Her precision at work is well reflected in her unbeatable reporting style and flair for eloquent presentation. Given her educational background in Biopharmaceuticals which she completed from Rowan University, Margarita L. Murphy is a blend of both worlds with technical medical writing prowess, encompassing dexterity in a drug trial and regulatory documents, coupled with stark advertising skills to promote content on online news sites, encouraging a larger number of eye-balls. Owing to her previous job role as a trained medical writer in renowned drug companies as well as medical journals, Margarita is skilled in compliant writing and writes in several variants such as promotional content, FDA reports as well as medical journals, and investigator brochures.

Her role in the editorial team of The Healthcare News is backed by her impeccable style of information delivery, wherein the most complex sets of medical information are present in a reader-friendly approach to cater to reader queries, induce engagement and develop a long-lasting bond with the readers. Her editing skills also comprise her sense of news presentation, in a way that most relevant information is presented in a unique inverted pyramid style, thus igniting the reader's quest to delve deeper. She is extremely professional and is known for her exceptional adherence to deadlines which ensures timely delivery of information every single time.

Phone: +16153666427

Gilberto Amundsen
Healthcare IT

Having a strong educational background in science, with a deep understanding of complex subjects such as chemistry, pharmacy, biology, and biochemistry, Gilberto is one of the most suitable writers in our team at The Healthcare News. With his intense educational background in science and flair for good writing, he is an ideal mix of both worlds. Besides undertaking a medical writing training program himself, in his free time, Gilberto also is associated with several educational institutions wherein he delivers guest lectures in medical writing techniques.

Phone: +16153666427

Joni Jenkins
Medical Devices

One of the youngest members of The Healthcare News team, Joni is highly skilled in her job and follows a highly diverse contemporary style of writing. Her ardent interest in technology and device completely supplements her informative style of delivery which boost her creative instincts and makes her indispensable as a writer in the highly complex, medical device category. Her professional networking skills mold her equation with industry experts and thereby she receives appropriate on-time leads pertaining to new device technology.

Phone: +16153666427

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