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Olera to Execute Senior Care Project with Grant

Olera Inc is advancing its project with the help of NIH grant. Texas A&Ms is a digital care company that provides family caregivers with access to personalized resources and education. Olera is aiming to revolutionize the current dynamics of elderly care which will be the primary objective of the project.

Olera is a digital platform designed by a versatile team of students at the A&M Texas University. The mobile-based app is particularly designed to address the challenges faced by senior citizens. Senior citizens and their families often face issues while navigating through the elderly care industry. Olera offers an effective solution by connecting caregivers to service providers.

The mobile app instantly detangles the complexities associated with finding the right care with a relatively streamlined approach. The new grant will allow the team to better equip themselves for developing advanced technology. They will be able to better curate information to enhance app effectiveness.The chief marketing officer for Olera, Jeswin Vennatt is currently in his first year of medical school. Vennatt said that the project was spearheaded by CEO TJ Falohun, a doctoral student, and the current chief operating officer Logan DuBose.

According to Vennatt, the team submitted the NIH grant with the input of multiple A&M academic advisors. As a result, they received the $2.3 million funding which will further support the project development for next three years. It will also help the team with company establishment and expand connectivity for caregivers.

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