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Nurish Introduces New Vitamin Lifestyle Packs

Nurish by Nature Made®, a subscription provider recommending vitamins, and supplements based in California, launched on Thursday July 15, the company’s three new care packages catering to individual customization filled with a 30-day supply of nutritional components including multiple vitamins and other supplements reflecting its scientific background aligned with the specific wellness goals including fitness, relaxation, and nutrition.

The introduction of a new lifestyle pack adding value to the Nurish portfolio of the company was an essential step in satisfying consumer demands along with supporting the broadening audience, said Megan O’Conor, the Divisional Vice President at Nurish. The company’s flagship quiz-based assessment, and subscription service offers the consumers with a comprehensive, and individualized supplement recommendation determined by factors such as age, weight, environment, lifestyle, and diet. This offering of ready-to-purchase, and customized packs are of significance for the new consumers seeking for targeted nutrition.

The new Nurish by Nature Made® displays The Everyday Active Pack consisting of multi-vitamin and supplements, The Everyday Relax Pack targeting body relaxation, and The Everyday Nutrition Pack. Nine out of ten Americans face the consequences of unmet nutritional needs, which gives Nurish the opportunity to decline the statistics and work towards a healthy community. With 50 years of expertise in nutritional science, and research over the new offering, it will help consumers bring closer their nutritional gaps, according to O’Connor.

Nature Made® is ranked as the number 1 Pharmacist Recommended vitamin, and supplement subscription brand. It facilitates consumers with highly specific and targeted nutrition delivery in the form of packets including the necessary supplements delivering the consumer’s doorstep.

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