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NSO Group Sued by Apple for Spying on Users

Apple stated this week that it was filing a federal lawsuit against NSO Group, an Israeli surveillance technology business, for allegedly accessing users’ devices without their permission. In addition to monetary damages, Apple is trying to prevent NSO Group from accessing or using any products in the future and developing spyware that may be used on Apple products. State-sponsored entities, such as the NSO Group, spend millions of dollars on advanced monitoring technology without being held accountable.

He claimed that while Apple products are “the safest consumer hardware on the market,” “private corporations generating state-sponsored spyware have become even more dangerous.” While these cybersecurity risks only affect a small percentage of our customers, we take any assault on our users extremely seriously. As a result, we’re continually improving iOS’ security and privacy features to keep all of our users secure.

Thousands of lives have been saved because of NSO Group’s technology, which its customers all over the world. Pedophiles and terrorists can operate freely in electronic safe-havens, and we offer governments legal instruments to combat this. The NSO Group will keep fighting for the truth. Government intelligence and law enforcement organizations, according to NSO Group, employ monitoring technologies to follow criminals.

Apple spyware, however, has been used against journalists, human rights activists, dissidents, public officials, and others, according to the company’s complaint. As a result, the NSO Group was added to the US Department of Commerce’s Entity List earlier this month for participating in actions that are harmful to the US’s national security or foreign policy objectives.

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