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Nordic Nanovector Gets New CMO Pierre Dodion MD

Pierre Dodion, MD, has been named Chief Medical Officer at Nordic Nanovector ASA. Dr. Dodion is succeeding Dr. Christine Wilkinson Blanc, who is leaving the company due to personal reasons. To facilitate a smooth transition, Dr. Wilkinson Blanc will stay with the company until January 2022. Dr. Dodion comes to Nordic Nanovector from Immuno-oncology Partners, a firm he formed to assist biotech firms with clinical development, medical affairs, and business development.

Since April 2021, he has served as a consultant for Nordic Nanovector, advising on the clinical development of Betalutin®. Dr. Dodion has worked in the biopharmaceutical business for over 30 years, primarily in oncology and hematology. During this time, he has gained extensive clinical development and medical affairs experience and strategic insight and oversight of various clinical trials.

Dr. Dodion has also aided with the global introduction of several medications, including Sutent from Pfizer, Femara from Novartis, and two more oncology treatments from Aventis. As an oncology specialist consultant, Dr. Dodion also works with Alacrita, an international pharmaceutical, and biotech consulting organization. He was previously Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer at Innate Pharmaceuticals, where he oversaw clinical development and medical affairs for several oncology products.

In addition to Pfizer, Novartis, and Aventis, he has had executive clinical and corporate roles at Ariad Pharmaceuticals, Roche, and UCB. Pierre earned his doctorate in medicine from the University of Brussels and worked at the Institut Jules Bordet for seven years. He also has a master’s degree in business administration from Saint Joseph University. The Belgian Association of Pharmaceutical Physicians and the American Society of Clinical Oncology members of Dr. Dodion’s professional organizations.

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