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New Biopolymer Technology Developing Sustainable Straws

The abandonment of plastic straws triggered sufficient research in the fields of development of sustainable straws. The recent partnership of beyondGREEN with Columbia Manufacturing Group led to the development of sustainable straws produced with new Biopolymer material technology. The partnership will allow the companies to distribute these products across Southern California, peaking the interests of Food industry.American sustainability-focused manufacturers apply Danimer Scientific’s proprietary Nodax PHA, which is a polyhydroxyalkanoates substance composition.

This enables them to manufacture high-quality straws. These products have emerged to be a useful alternative to the conventionally made polyethylene, and petroleum-based plastic straws as well as paper straws. PHA has certain advantages over the traditionally used PLA (polylactic Acid). PLA, being brittle, offers less strength to the product, whereas PHA composition attributes the products with more flexibility. Beyond the basic difference between the two components, Nodax PHA offers superiority in terms of performance.

Nodax PHA is highly versatile with many applications. It is adaptable to external factors and shows robust resistance to UV. Adding to its advantages, the product is FDA-approved, making it much more convenient for the manufacturers.beyondGREEN is benefitting largely with the now gained access to superior Biopolymer technology with Nodax PHA.

With sufficient support acquired from large manufacturing facilities, beyondGREEN now displays capabilities of supplying a gigantic number of straws to the United States Food Service Industry.The manufactured product displays superiority among its peers owing to improved biodegradability and compostability. Additionally, the recently acquired international certification from the highest Standards also improve product commercialization.

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