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Nashville Among Top Ten Biotech Hubs

The previous 12 months have been proving that the Biotech industry plays a vital role in their economy.  It is also becoming a popular part of Tennessee. In the last two years, several technological breakthroughs and the fuelling growth among various life science companies like the August Bioservices.

The company serves Biotech and biopharmaceutical customers looking to outsource parts of their drug development, research, or drug manufacturing process. The expectation is to expand the workforce from 65 to 240 high-quality Nashville jobs in the upcoming years. The Executive Vice President of Operations at August Bioservices, Joe Mase, said, “The leadership team is excited to be moving from other areas to come to Nashville to grow this business into a much larger economic hub for bio services.”

Nashville has been ranked as the top ten fastest-growing biotech hubs in a new JLL report titled “Life Sciences Emerging Markets Index: Poised for a paradigm shift.” Bob Rolfe, Commissioner for the Tennesse Department of Economic and Community Development, said, “What we’re discovering is the quality of life we’re providing for these companies is off the charts compared to where they’re coming from. That Biotech hub space, it’s been an area we have been very intentional about recruiting companies.”

The lifestyle, cost of living, talent pool, and demographic advantage of Nashville are all contributing factors to the popularity. The reasons are that the Biotech companies are choosing to move to Middle Tennessee. The market will reach its full potential as experts believe it will combine the talent and momentum.

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