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More than 1 Lakh Patients Can Benefit From Oxford Treatment

A new study in the UK has found that more than 1 lakh patients have dementia. The researchers at the Neuro-Bio facility connected to the university have shown various advancements in the Treatment because the others have failed.

The new research group has identified toxic chemicals connected to the early stage of the disease. The researchers also have found a way to neutralize the chemical that is linked to the disease. The neuro bio is also expected to announce the study results on Tuesday.

Older trials have shown positive results. Baroness Susan Greenfield, the author of the study said that there is a shift in the treating condition. The researchers have believed that amyloid plaques cause the disease. But, they also found that this build up happens only after the degeneration. This is why many Treatment fail. The Treatment usually deprive red through a nasal spray. Old studies show that symptoms are shown after the cell decay leading to dementia. This process happens around 10 to 15 years before the symptoms appear.

Many patients are dying due to dementia. In the UK, nearly  70,000 people die per year. The cases are also continuing to surge in the UK. The researchers also suggest that nearly 1.6 million people will suffer from the disease. One in fourteen people over 65 suffer from dementia and one in six people over eighty years. People with dementia are increasing as they are living longer.

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