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Medtronic will hire a 3M Law Chief to join the Medical Device Company in 2022

Medtronic Plc has hired Ivan Fong, the legal leader of 3M Co., as executive vice president and general counsel, beginning Feb. 1.According to a corporate statement on Thursday, Fong will follow Brad Lerman, who will step down at the end of January at the age of 65, as required by Medtronic statutory executive officer retirement age.

He joined 3M in 2012, after serving as chief legal, executive vice president and policy officer for the previous nine months. During President Barack Obama’s first term, he served as the chief counsel of the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) for more than three years.

Medtronic manufactures a wide range of medical equipment, from surgical instruments to ventilators. The corporation, which is headquartered in Dublin but has its U.S. headquarters in Minneapolis, reported a $1.3 billion profit for the three months ended Oct. 29.In a statement, Medtronic Chief Executive Officer Geoff Martha stated, “Ivan’s choice to join  underlines our position as a leading destination for exceptional talent.”

Medtronic discontinued sales of its heart pump device in June after discovering evidence that it may cause more strokes than other models. This month, Covidien, a company, withdrew one of their ventilators due to a malfunction.Despite increasing demand for personal protective equipment during the Covid-19 outbreak, 3M cut roughly 3,000 jobs in December 2020 while other parts of the company suffered. The corporation decided to spin off its food safety division and combine with Neogen Corp. in a $9.3 billion transaction earlier this month.

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