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Medical Technology Management Institute Provides Pioneering Medical Imaging

The Medical Technology Management Institute (MTMI) is an internationally recognized continuing education provider for medical imaging and healthcare technologies employees. The company announced its new president Jay Mazurowski, MS, FAHRA, CRA. MTMI Global has seen an increase in demand from frontline healthcare workers to upskill as they continue to fight the pandemic.

Jon Patterson, President and MD of Medical Technology Management Institute Global said, “The past year has forced our healthcare system and its employees to respond to unprecedented challenges that have required innovation and new technologies. Jay is a mission driven professional, bringing with him diverse experience and insight that can help ensure we are meeting the changing demands of medical imaging education leaders, physicists, physicians and biomedical professionals as they work to provide quality care using the best technology and tools available.”

Most recently, Jay served as deputy executive director at AHRA: The Association for Medical Imaging Management. It is a professional development program for international leaders in medical imaging management. He spent 15 years as the director of Radiology Services for Concord Hospital and Concord Imaging Centers.

The Medical Technology Management Institute continues to expand its new healthcare technology training. It offers online competency tests and includes biomedical equipment technician training, live streams seminar hybrids, and virtual conferences. The pandemic increased the virtual seminar attendance by 300%. MTMI Global continues to educate with over 6,000 education and training programs per year.

The count reached more than 145,000 medical imaging and radiology professionals over the 30-year history of the company. Thousands of employees at the healthcare providers have been helped with the access of on-demand education and training the fast-growing fields like radiology, MRI, and ultrasound.

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