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Medical Technology Helps Improve the Industry

In terms of innovations in treatments, Medical Technology has come a very long way. Surgical outcomes and the management of previously untreatable illnesses have improved. However, there is a disconnect between the provider and patient when it comes to communication.

Lucienne Ide MD, Ph.D., the Founder and Chief Health Innovator of Rimidi, said, “It’s no secret that healthcare is behind other industries when it comes to the patient or ‘consumer’ journey. Complex medical procedures and episodes of care require extra communication and transparency between patients and providers, but currently many of the processes for complex care are outdated. They are inefficient for providers and frustrating/confusing for patients. As a patient, you should feel like you’re getting at least as much transparency and support from your surgeon as you do as an Amazon customer tracking the status of your recent purchase.”

Rimidi is an Atlanta-based cloud-based software platform that helps bridge the gap between provider and patient by using advanced Medical Technology. The company helps enable the personalized management of health conditions across populations. The doctor-created company was founded in 2012. The primary purpose of this company was to provide effective and enduring healthcare solutions.

Rimidi has bridged the gap by combining patient-generated health data with the Electronic Health Record’s (EHR) clinical data to drive patient-specific clinical insights and actions. Ide says that over the years, they have enhanced their solutions by integrating additional devices and wearables. This has enabled patient-reported outcomes that can be measured. In 2020, the ability to deliver personalized management of health conditions across populations with the help of medical technology has led them to grow their customer base by 600%.

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