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Medical Device Training is Transforming with the Remote Observation

Observing surgical cases in person before purchasing and adopting new Medical equipment and techniques has long been standard practice. However, the efficacy of this strategy is limited by the availability of operating rooms, the cost, and complexity of travel, patient privacy and safety, and other reasons. With the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, which severely limited access to Medical settings, these limits became even more apparent.

Many of the issues stated above are addressed by an innovative strategy known as remote case observation (RCO), which allows clinicians to access procedures remotely without traveling. While the challenges of in-person observation have raised the adoption rate and the need for RCO, the benefits of this technology suggest that its use will continue to grow even after the Covid-19-related disruption has passed.

It signifies a paradigm shift in observing processes rather than just a new technology choice. It gives operating and keeping physicians a better experience, reduces the risk for hospitals and patients, and encourages the adoption of life-saving advances. Clinicians, healthcare organizations, and Medical device firms may not only overcome the practical limits of in-person case observation with a complete, robust digital platform for RCO, but they can also promote levels of engagement and learning that were previously unattainable.

RCO acts as a “virtual cockpit” for observing physicians during any procedure. It allows doctors to see treatments in more detail—and with more comfort—than they could on a monitor during a process. According to physicians and new hospital laws limiting access to their facilities, fewer people in the room have become the new normal.

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